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Baby Formula

We are casting our net far and wide to find babies up to 5 months, but ESPECIALLY babies in the 0 to 2 month age range.

You do not need to have paid our website registration fee and you do not need to have a portfolio on our website. However, if you are successful in your application, you will be required required to join the agency.

  • Job Title - Baby Food
  • Type -  Online Video
  • Location - London
  • Fee - Babies - £500+
  • Fee - Adults - £800+
  • Deadline- 23rd Jan - Extended!!
  • Shoot - 21st/22nd Feb
  • Models 1 -  Babies 0 to 5 months
  • Models 2 - Parents 20 to 40 years

We are looking for 9 parents with their babies, majority mums. 

  • Real parents of the babies required
  • Must be happy to breast feed on camera.
  • We are looking for breast and/or bottle feeders
  • Prefer babies that can bottle and breast feed.
  • We are looking into a wide race diversity.

We would like to have some fathers  bottle-feeding options, when possible, reflecting diversity and modern paternity, like for example, someone with tattoos in their arms. (Tattoos are NOT mandatory)

No physical casting session needed. 

We require clear close-up face pics of the babies and also pics of the mothers/fathers feeding them, either breast or bottle. If you could also supply a short video of feeding even better (hopefully send us a YouTube or Facebook link). Please send photos of babies in mums’ arms and separate photos of baby in dad’s arms if both are available for the shoot.

We need key information about their habits when feeding their babies. 

We need to be able to chat with the parents and detect those that have a thorough understanding of their babies cues and behaviour when they are demanding food or when they consider their babies are full.

Portfolio URL

If you have a portfolio on our website, you will need to cut and past the page address (URL) into the form. If you do not know what this is take a look at URL Finder

Fill out the Form

When you fill out the form, it will be forwarded to the production company. ALL FIELD ARE REQUIRED.

Please DO NOT contact us for updates on your application. We, or the production company will contact you if there is positive news.

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