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Example Porfolios

Many of the profiles on this website are password protected.


We have provided some example portfolios for you to have a look at which are not password protected.

Example Portfolios

How to Apply

Fill out our simple, no obligation, application form and attach two pictures of baby. Fast & Simple!


If we like what we see, we will invite you along for a test shoot.

Apply Now!

Job Lists

The portfolios are fully searchable and we will email you when a casting or audition request is suitable for baby.


Take a look at some of the fantastic projects that we receive on a daily basis.

Job Lists

Photo Shoots

When you register with us, we arrange a free test shoot.


We will take baby through a guided one hour photo shoot and will assess the suitability of you and your baby.

FREE Test Shoot


Frequently Asked Questions. Find out what you are lettiing yourself in for.


We only take on babies that we honestly feel have a good chance of getting work. Click to find out more.


Latest Jobs

Websites, commercials, photo shoots, TV films, magazines and catalogues.


Click below to see some of the latest projects that have involved our baby super stars.



We generally aim for around £60/hr or £300/day.

TV work may also pay a buyout fee which can amount to many £1000's depending on usage and territory.


The Contract

Parents should read and agree to the terms of the model contract before registering with us.

The contract clarifies the details of the working arrangement between you and the agency.

Model Contract


All children under 16 must be licensed for entertainment work by the Local Authority.

It can take any councils any were from 7 to 28 days to issue a license.


Video Show Reel

Video show reels are a fantastic way to show a casting professional the true potential of your baby.

Time and time again, we find that babies with a video show reel are requested more often than babies without one.

Video Show Reels

FREE Comp Card

Comp card is a business card used by models and actors. When we create a portfolio, we include a FREE digital comp card. Casting agents can then download these cards and have a permanent record of the model for possible future assignments.

Comp Cards

About Us

We are a specialist model agency representing beautiful babies throughout the UK and Europe. Using cutting edge software, we provide our baby models with a powerful set of promotional tools to help your child maximise their potential.

About Us

Model Training

You wouldn't throw your baby in a swimming pool and expect them to be able to swim, so why throw them into a studio enviroment with complete strangers and bright lights and expect them to thrive.

This is a must read guide for all parents

Model Training

Hidden Costs?

Is it 'legit' if you have to pay a registration fee? Why do you need a professional portfolio?

This is a 'must read' guide for any parent considering baby modeling. Find out about child agencies and the hidden costs.

Hidden Costs

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We are also interested in hearing from mums and dads who want to model with their babies and pregnant mums to be

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We will present you with a selection of some of the best baby models in the business from which to chose.